Petty Little Things

by Bad Choices

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released April 14, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Encapsulated Studios by Gabe Usery
Drums performed by Gabe Usery
Bass performed by David Shanle
Guitar/Vocals performed by Ian O'Leary
Written/Produced by Ian O'Leary
Art by Alex Rittwage



all rights reserved


Bad Choices Saint Louis, Missouri


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Track Name: Rabbit Blood
a homeless man stopped me and asked for change
i laughed and said it's funny how i want the same
these city streets and this numbing day by day
has got rabbit in my blood
it's in my dna, in my dna

drifting on lazy midwestern tides
watching my life float passed my eyes
these lenses are blurred but i swear my vision is sound
looking inside just to make my way out
make my way out

the grass is always greener
this cup is not half full
and i've been humming this same tune
since i left high school
Track Name: Northwest
i'm tired of dreaming in my own bed
i'm thinking secondhand and my heart can hardly stand my head
so i'll watch the time rise through the ceiling again
a day, a month, and a year seems to pass with out end

summer just can't make me sweat out this feeling
the sun sets and I just can't stop thinking
if i sunk with the sun on the westward horizon
would i be happier

so who am i to question what i don't have
i should be thankful and grateful not spiteful and mad
i've got it better than most and this i fucking know
bend back in shape it's time to grow

if i sunk with the sun on the westward horizon
would i be happier
Track Name: Walkers
i gave my head away
my thoughts are not my own not today
i didn't have much say
there's a parasite in my skull controlling my brain

sleep soundly
cause i'll be haunting
your day to day

i walk alone
with sunburnt skin and road worn bone
my friends have all turned
they've left me for the herd
we die and we learn
Track Name: Eleven Floors
sit in the corner of our room
waiting for you to make a move
i'm collecting dust giving up on time
this sneaking suspicion has got me falling behind

my voice only sounds good when it's lost
maybe that's why i yell so much
maybe that's why i'm hoarse

i'd rather just soak in this cave
than bathe in the light of the day
it's a shame and i know it
i'll bury my head
i won't show it

my girl says you clean up nice
but what rests behind those eyes
is it me
is it work
is it this 11th floor

i stare out the window
as the birds float so freely
killing time as the clouds pass by
letting wind decide where to take their lives